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Personalise our Daily Dose of Reminder Collection Bagcharm, with a word that will bless you with that extra grip in life, to strengthen and empower you through your day. Also makes a beautiful and meaningful gift for your kids, girlfriends, and matching ones with your bae whether with a word or their name on it. 

Personalise Alpha Bagcharm

  • How to go about personalising your bagcharm?


    Step 1. Key in Icon, WORD/NAME, Icon in the box. E.g. Heart, ASTRID, Heart.


    *Do note, the more letters there are, the longer the bagcharm will be. I recommend that if the word/name is more than 7 letters, skip having the side icons and daisy. To give an idea of length, the '𐦍BREATHE𐦍' bagcharm is 7 letters long with side icons and is 23cm long without the tassel. 


    Icon options available: Wish Star, Cross Star, Smile, Heart and Butterfly. For different side Icons, please indicate as per follow: Wish Star, WORD/NAME, Heart. 


    Step 2. Choose the colour of rope for the Background and Word/Name for the bagcharm . 


    *tip* in choosing colours. Choose a darker colour for the Word/Name compared to your Background colour for the word to POP! It will be difficult to see the word if the colour isn't of a darker shade to the background colour.


    Step 3. Choose your preferred ending style - fray or tassle.


    Step 4. Choose your bagcharm shape. Refer to display picture for options.


    Step 5. And lastly, Daisy or no daisy! 


    if you find all these too complicated, simply drop me a DM :) Happy to assist.


    Some Measurements Examples:

    4 letters + Icons + Daisy = W3.2cm x L22cm~ (+-1cm)

    5 letters + Icons + Daisy = W3.2cm x 24.5cm~ (+-1cm)

    7 letters + Icons = W3.2cm x 28cm~ (+-1cm)


    Lead time: 1.5 weeks

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