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HI, I'M JOETTE, a solo-prenuear, macrame maker, and workshop instructor of KNOETTE, who aspires to spread and share all about macramé.

Residing in urban Singapore where the pace is quicker in comparison, and living with certain health issues has caused a trajectory of my life to live a lifestyle of mindfulness and slow-living.


While I was unable to continue on with a full-time job, and spent copious amounts of time at home with little energy, that’s when I stumbled upon Macramé. It made its way to my heart and was an avenue that created calmness and creativity in my life and that’s how KNOETTE was born.


With Knoette, I aspire to share the multi-facet natural beauty that macramé brings, through the creation of home decor, lifestyle goods, objects of nature, and abstract art using the knot patterns. The material and texture of the craft has the ability to exude a cozy, warm and relaxing vibe to people and their homes. Another charm of macramé that I aspire to share is its therapeutic effects while doing the craft. I believe that many of us are looking for a more balanced and healthy lifestyle these days, and macramé can be a craft that can inject such calmness and mindfulness in your everyday life. 


I work on both pre-thought out pieces, but also custom made pieces. My favourites are often custom made pieces which carries a more personal touch for the customer.


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