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Fika was created with the idea in mind for a DIY Kit. To take a break and spend quality time, to do something mindfully, to reset. 


Fika; Fee-ka | Swedish 

A break in the day for coffee and something sweet (in this case, for crafting and some therapeutic time), expressly for the purpose of setting aside a moment for quality time. 

Fika Ornament DIY Kit

  • Create Fika moments in your life with our Fika Ornament DIY Kit. Take time out this Christmas to spend quality time with yourself or with loved ones knotting away! Suitable for beginners, level easy.


    What you will receive in your DIY Kit box:

    - 1 x Wooden Ring

    - 1x Braided Rope (colour of your choice)

    - 1x Wooden Bead

    - 1x Wooden Christmas Shape Piece (non-selectable, but if you leave a note in the check out for preferece, I will see to it if it's do-able!)

    - 1x Rope for hanging string

    - 1x Tube of Glue

    - 1 x Strip of Tape

    if you ordered a set of 3 or 5, everything will come in x 3 or x 5 except for the tube of glue.


    Size: 6mm (w) x (h)

    Lead time: 5 days, orders more than 5 may take up to a week or more.

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