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‘Union’ - joining together; 
‘团’ - the same as 团圆, which means reunion,
and ‘结’, which means knots, 
together ‘团结’ - as the round and inter-bonding of the knots pattern of this coaster - symbolizes the ‘coming together’, the absolute reason for Chinese New Year!

Union 团结 Coaster DIY KIT

  • Our Union 团结 coaster now comes as a DIY kit! This kit makes as a great activity for yourself, or with your family and friends to spend time together! Or personally handmake these coasters as a gift. 


    Measurement: 8-8.5cm (+-1cm) in diameter


    The DIY kit consist of:

    •  2 pieces of 4m rope (in colour of your choice)
    • 2 wooden beads
    • super glue
    • washi tape.
    • instruction sheet on how to make the coaster in both coaster and as a hanging decorative piece
    • template sheet that allows anyone who is making the coaster easy to follow


    A video tutorial is also optional. Upon purchase, we will email you the video within 3 working days.


    Want to make more than 2 sets of coasters? Choose how many additional Sets to add to your kit. (A set = 1 Rope + 1 Bead) Please indicate in the 'choice of colour' box or notes. Thank you!

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