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‘Union’ - joining together; 
‘团’ - the same as 团圆, which means reunion,
and ‘结’, which means knots, 
together ‘团结’ - as the round and inter-bonding of the knots pattern of this coaster - symbolizes the ‘coming together’, the absolute reason for Chinese New Year!

Union 团结 Coaster/ Ornament

  • Union/团结 comes in both a coaster and in a decorative hanging piece form! Do also know that the decorative hanging piece can also be used as a coaster as you please :) Would be a lovely alternative for gifting if that's what you tend to do for CNY as well!


    Lead time: 5 days


    Measurement: 8-8.5cm (+-1cm) in diameter, hanging rope for the hanging piece is 6cm long


    Materials: 100% cotton 4mm braided rope, wooden bead


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