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‘Sunny’ Basket

  • Dedicating to our Nation's birthday, 'Sunny' is made in Yellow & Natural, representing our Sunny island Singapore ☀️. 


    These hangable baskets are perfect for that simple textured matchy home decor in your room, on the coffee table, nursery wall, living room or side table.


    Use it for beauty products, mask, or add a mini pot of plant in it, or your kids little stuff toys in it. Anything will do! The only thing you need to watch out for if you're hanging it up, don't have it too heavy or it may topple as the material is a tad filmsy. But it's absolutely adorable to have!


    Made of 100% recycled cotton rope, Bobbiny's Sunflower & Natural 


    Measurements: 12.5cm length, 12.5cm breath, 12cm height (+-0.5cm)


    Lead time: 2 weeks

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