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Inspired by Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour Friendship Bracelets, a set of 3 personalise TS bracelets for you to stack them up or share them with your bffs/fam/bae with your own inspired/ endearment/ characteristic word!

Set of 3 Personalise TS bracelets

  • Added some photos in display picture for matching combi possibilities.



    • colour
    • name/word (up to 10 characters, up to 3 different words. Will include a ★ Bead as space)
    • side beads (fill custom box for sequence preference) Plastic Beads - Star/ Heart Bead
      • 1 set ( 1 Plastic Bead on both sides)
      • 2 sets ( 2 Plastic Bead on both sides)
      • 3 Sets (3 Plastic Beads on both sides)

    The full knotted inclusive of word length of bracelet is 14cm long. Bracelet hole to put your hands through circumference is 23-24cm.


    Lead time: 1 week 

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