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No piece the same as the other, no piece perfect.


'wabi-sabi spring' collection is made up of 4 unique bespoke pieces, carrying beauty of the imperfect clay, with foliage impressions, grazed with acrylic paint, and added wooden beads, cotton rope, & silk ribbons for a more complete textured look to each piece.  

wabi-sabi spring ~ peppermint

  • A 100% handcrafted bespoke au-natural piece of art decor that will invoke freshness with it's texture and colour to your soft, raw, imperfect interior home.


    • Airdry clay pressed with herb and leaf foliages
    • Acrylic hand-painted white, sage and gold rim
    • Handcrafted macramé knots and tassels of 100% cotton rope
    • Gold string
    • Wooden beads


    Measurements: 12W x 38H

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