Set of 3 Warm & Cozy Ornaments

  • Our set of 3 'warm and cozy' ornaments makes a perfect trio match to adorn your christmas tree in a cute, warm and cozy vibe style! The 3 ornaments consist of a mini wreath, candy cane stick and a beanie. You have the option of set A and B.


    Set A consist of a red ribbon mini wreath, golden peacock blue & natural candy cane stick, and a golden natural beanie.


    Set B consist of a green ribbon mini wreath, red & golden natural candy cane stick, and a golden natural beanie.


    Made of 3mm cotton ropes, wooden rings, wiring and gold thread.


    Lead time: 1-1.5 weeks


    Measurements for individual items:

    Mini Wreath - 6.5 diameter

    Candy Cane Stick - 10cm length +- 0.5cm

    Beannie - 5cm diameter, 8cm length

    Hanging Rope - 3-5cm long