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Lead time 2-3 weeks

Rainbow Panel Shoulder Bag

  • Whether you're in a bad mood or a good mood, this is the perfect bag to bring out on any day. It will turn your bad mood into a good mood and your good mood into an even brighter mood!!


    This 4 panel rainbow bag consist of light purple, yellow, green and blue, made of 4mm cotton ropes.100% completely hand-knotted. Added on with a leather strap to give it a chic look.



    From top of strap to base: 51cm (+-1cm)

    From top of knotted bag point to base: 29cm (+-1cm)

    Each side of the bag ( which consist of 2 colour panel): 31cm (+-1cm)

    Base width: 24cm (+-1-2cm) 

    Strap length in total from top of the knotted bag point: 51cm



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