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Airpod/ Sudio Nio case cover

  • Why settle for a simple cover when you can get one that can cover up your trace together token/ Airpod/ Airpod Pro/ Sudio Nio case in style.


    These covers are not just pretty but also functional! They have an elastic band top, so you can be rest assure that your token or iPod air case will not fall out and yet can also easily be pulled out as well.


    This version is fully knotted and does not have any hanging function. For those of you who just wants a pretty cover to hide the token/iPod air case.


    Made using 100% cotton rope & rubber elastic band (colour of elastic band will not be the same colour as the chosen rope colour, it will be picked by Knoette)



    TraceTogether Mini

    • Cover: 4.5cm (W), 2.5cm (D), 5.5cm (H)
    • Elastic top opening: 1.1cm (W), 2.7~3cm (L)

    TraceTogether Slim

    • Cover: 4.5cm (W), 2.5cm (D), 6cm (H)
    • Elastic top opening: 1.5cm (W), 3.7-4.3cm (L)

    TraceTogether Gen 2 & Airpod

    • Cover: 5.8cm (W), 2~2.5cm (D), 5.8cm (H)
    • Elastic top opening: 1.5cm (W), 3.7-4.3cm (L)

    Airpod Pro & Sudio Nio

    • Cover: 5.5cm (W), 2~2.5cm (D), 7cm (H)
    • Elastic top opening: 1.5cm (W), 3.7-4.3cm (L)


    Lead time: 1-2 weeks, for more than 2 orders - 3 weeks

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