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Shelf Hanger

  • Macrame shelf hangers are not your ordinary shelf. It gives a nice decor touch to your home, while at the same time being a useful and practical home decor too. 

    Our shelf is made of pine wood. It's good wood that's light-weight. Advice on arranging objects, it's ideal that there is a balance of weight on the shelf for it to be centered.

    Made of 5mm beige cotton rope and pine wood plank

    Requires 1 week lead time.


    Wood shelf 39.5cm (width) by 21cm (length) by 2cm (thickness), please allow for 1-2cm difference.

    Macrame wood ring to wood shelf 60cm (height), please allow for 1-2cm difference.

    If you would like to change the height in the shelf or request for anything different, please drop us an email. We will try our best to meet your request.

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