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Tulips represent forever and deep love, warmth and affection, and happiness~


Deep Love Forever Tulips

  • Each petal and leaf is fully knotted one by one! Comes in a set of 3 tulips, each tulip either comes with 1/2 leaves. You may pick to get them warpped up as a bouquet in burlap or choose the macramé netted jar for a fuller textured knotted style set.  Macramé netted jar are limited in stock.


    You can also leave a message for your mom under 'add a note' at the cart page,  I will add it in for you ;)


    Do note that our macramé tulips are just as delicate as real flowers, so please handle them with care. As best hold them by their stalk and not by the flower head. 



    • mauve cotton rope
    • wooden stick



    • 2 stalks comes in 28cm 
    • 1 stalk comes in 33cm
    • glass netted jar 14.5cm tall


    Lead time: 1.5 weeks

    If you'd like to have more than 3 stalks, you may contact me!

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